5th issue
september 2022

This edition of MAGNIFY marks the special milestone of celebrating 1 year. We speak to Madel Tutor from The University of Melbourne who shares with us how she is tackling drug resistance in Malaria with her PhD research. The amalgamation of Science and Art is highlighted in arts corner. We have two Big Sister STEM stories in this special edition where we explore Agricultural Scientist, Dr Dorin Gupta of University of Melbourne and Technology STEM superstar, Neelima Kadiyala. Raisa Aurora and Praahthana Karthikeyan are exemplary volunteers who are celebrated in this special issue. Swapna Deshmukh also shares her inspirational story as part of the International to Local segment. We also take you on a journey to learn about Vietnamese culture, which is very much an important culture that has contributed to the multicultural mixing pot of Australia! You can also learn the secrets behind bringing balance to your life, by focussing on the things that really matter from Dr Chloe Lim! We also share some professional tips to ace your next interview! You can find all this and more in the 5th issue of MAGNIFY

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4th issue
june 2022

Our fourth issue of MAGNIFY features many achievements of women of colour in STEM along with a special article on STEM Sisters receives the #TechDiversity Award this year in the Business category, beating other 23 nominees from various inspiring initiatives. In Big Sisters STEM Story we talked with Manjula Shaw, Head of Delivery in NAB who teaches us to never draw borderline about what women should do and men should do. For any of you who wants to build a career abroad, Sayuri Fonseka will share her success story to work as Senior Analyst at KPMG Australia. We also have an interview with Shohail Ibne Mahbub a branding expert who is also a volunteer in STEM Sisters. You can also picture yourself building a career in STEM by taking a glimpse of our research about Women in STEM. Debolina Majumdar from RMIT University in her PhD story will tell you about the character of a novel protein. Also, we will introduce you to ⭐️Shamila Gopalan and Dr Morley Muse that will encourage you to be a proud woman of colour and has a brilliant mind. You can find all of these inspiring stories in our 4th issue!

3rd issue
march 2022

March is the moth where Women are celebrated internationally and we STEM Sisters dedicated our MAGNIFY 3rd issue, to celebrate South Asian Women in STEM and discuss How do women in STEM stand out among their peers and bring colour to the society?

This issue Ritika Saxena from Murdoch Children Research Institute will tell you her research focusing in haematoportic stem. Prof Venkatesh will give you insight on improving yourself as women of colour im STEM. Prof Asha’s values on joy and happiness will make you enjoy your work as a part of life. This 3rd issue also put spotlight on many female artists from South Asia. You will get deep with the mind behind Sunpower Renewables, Nitasha Badhwar. Don’t miss Megha Bote-Karanjkar journey as international student struggle to build career in STEM. And the success story of one of STEM Sisters volunteers, Neelam Yadav. You can find all of these inspiring stories on our 3rd issue!

2nd issue
december 2021

The second edition of Magnify focused on the success of STEM Sisters’ recent projects, such as the Ambassador Program’s launch and first two workshops, as well as the inaugural Dress to Impress launch. We followed the success stories of STEM women who had overcome gender and racial barriers. Dr. Bhavika Unnadkat spoke about her experience as a mother working in the STEM field and how she overcame her own expectations. We covered Jerusha Marther’s STEM Phd narrative, in which she discussed her research on non-invasive brain stimulation and strength training in people with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy, as well as how she came across this study. There are plenty of more unique pieces to read, so be sure to have a look. We also cover intriguing cultural origins and events, as well as a variety of other subjects.

1st issue
september 2021

In our first edition, Dr Muneera Banu will captivate you with her story overcame challenges as a woman of colour in the STEM field. Ms Claudia Viloria shared her journey to assist Latin and Hispanic women to succeed in Australia. Dr Nadeeka’s story will guide you through balancing personal life and professional life. Don’t miss it and read other interesting figures stories in MAGNIFY. There are also many fascinated facts about innovation, the pay gap, and other issues about diversity.

Acknowledgment of Country

STEM Sisters, recognises and respects the Ancestors, Elders and families of the Boonwurrung, Wadawurrung and Wurundjeri of the Kulin who are the traditional owners of  land in Victoria.

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