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Women in STEM are often derailed at the start of their careers or transiting from mid-level careers when confronted with difficult challenges; this is especially pertinent among marginalized women and women planning to start a family. (STEM Report 2020). At STEM sisters, we believe transformational leadership is about teaching others about our own experiences, achievements, defeats, and setting realistic goals.

Our big sisters, typically women of color, use our podcast platform to freely share the gift of their experiences based on their journeys, demonstrating resilience through courage, innovation, strength, and empowering younger women in reaching their full potential.

The podcast is our way to bring attention to the outstanding work they’ve accomplished, so it doesn’t get lost in skewed media. Hence, using search engine optimizers and other strategies, we do our part to change the narratives to one that is inclusive and appropriate. These articles, as well as other weekly blog posts of interest, are shared on our social media accounts.

When women share their stories, they not only empower themselves but also offer hope for a more equal and equitable society.

We want to hear from you!

Please email us your story at: 

Please send us a brief paragraph about an experience you’ve had. Let these questions guide you: 

What are your motivating factors, or what drives you to succeed?

What challenges have you faced as a woman of colour in STEM, and how did you overcome them

What excites you about the future for women in STEM in Australia

As an older sister, your advice to your younger sister starting in STEM?

We will share these stories on our website and our social media channels. If you prefer to be anonymous, let us know.

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Acknowledgment of Country

STEM Sisters, recognises and respects the Ancestors, Elders and families of the Boonwurrung, Wadawurrung and Wurundjeri of the Kulin who are the traditional owners of  land in Victoria.

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