Our Mentoring Program is structured on the GROW Model - an action oriented mentoring framework

  • The mentees establishes the goals they would like to achieve during the program
  • The mentor supports the individual in achieving their goals
  • The mentee shares their current situation (overview of the issue, constraints, challenges) with a mentor
  • The mentor can ask probing questions to get more insight into the reality the individual is facing
  • Based on the goal and the reality, the mentee will brainstorm and explore options to resolve their issue
  • A mentor can provide advice and ask probing questions to promote critical reflection
  • The mentee works with the mentor to develop actions they will take to achieve their goals

The STEM Sisters Mentoring program uses goal-based systemic mentoring process.  Further, the entire matching and communication process is dynamic in nature and provides timely, flexible and consistent feedback.

Mentors will be vetted by STEM Sisters and will receive valuable training on how to improve their mentoring skills. Prospective mentees are matched with mentors based on the type of guidance that is being requested through the initial survey that was used to determine the mentoring goal(s).

Once paired, both parties enter into a formal mentoring agreement that outlines the intended outcome as well as the strategy and tactics needed to meet realize the set goal. From this point on, the objective is to build a collaborative relationship through a variety of communication methods, including video conferencing, a personalized chat room and a personal file-sharing library. All of the communication is conducted directly through our website.

As the relationship continues, both parties have the ability to reflect, review and revise any component of the mentoring process. This ensures that the strategy and tactics are aligned with the desired outcome at all times.

Upon the completion of the formal mentoring relationship, feedback will be collected to gauge the effectiveness of the program. This feedback is essential to the continuous improvement of the STEM Sisters Mentoring Program.

STEM Sisters Mentoring Program