Successful October Workshop wrapup: STEM Cover Letter and Resume workshop

Thanks again to the amazing RMIT Skills and Jobs Centre, Nicole for a tailored workshop with examples on how to tailor a winning Resume and Cover Letter! 

Key learnings: 

  • Nothing new but tailor that Resumes for each job you apply for!
  • You don’t need to add just your Bachelor degree, change it up and utilise a ‘Relevant Qualification’ sector rather than ‘Education’ on your Resume if that suits the job description better.
  • It’s all about how you word your Resume and Cover Letter – you worked at Maccas or had a really technical role, think about how you can brand this as a transferable skill!
  • A referee local to Australia is best. So how do you get one? Use a mentor. Played on a sports team? Ask a teammate or coach. Volunteered? Ask your manager or colleague.
  • Your Cover Letter is a structured STORY that tells the hiring manager, WHY you have applied and WHY you would fit perfectly for that role.
  • Don’t worry about meeting all the criteria, think about how your skills would benefit the employer and market yourself through that view! 

Did you miss our workshop? Do not fear, the RMIT Skills and Jobs Centre have other workshops over the next two months:

STEM Sisters is incredibly thankful to RMIT Skills and Jobs Centre over the last year during this COVID19 pandemic for allowing our STEM Sisters community the opportunity to learn these important skills. From LinkedIn know-how to Interviews, Cover Letters and Resumes! 

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