STEM Sisters Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program aims to provide an opportunity for international women students who study in STEM fields in Victoria, Australia to enhance their skills. These international students are often ones who face gender and racial discrimination in STEM fields. Therefore, this program will empower these students by providing them with training, opportunity to be a part of a supportive community, find great inspiration from professional STEM women of colour, opportunity to give back and be a leader at your university and outreach opportunities to inspire next generation of STEM women of colour. 

STEM Sisters are collaborating with industry professionals to motivate these women to continue pursuing their studies and career in STEM fields with confidence. Besides the training the chosen ambassadors are given an opportunity support their peers at their university and be a leader in their university group and to build a university community for STEM women of colour. Another essential part of the program is to conduct outreach activities at local high schools. This would be an opportunity for ambassadors to participate in outreach events to encourage more primary school students to be interested in STEM subjects and career, where women are underrepresented. This increases awareness in youth early on to diminish the risk of future gender and racial discrimination. 

STEM Sisters Ambassador Program is funded by Study Melbourne as part of the International Student Welfare Program 2021.

Look out for more information on how you can be part of the program.

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